Deep clean any item wherever and whenever you want!

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Powerful Cleaning

The CleanPods' powerful motor creates microscopic bubbles that reach into the tiniest crevices to remove dirt, contaminants, and even bacteria. This offers a level of cleanliness that is difficult to achieve through manual or other mechanical methods.

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The CleanPod™ can be used for cleaning jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, and more. Ultrasonic cleaning provides your items with a gentle clean unlike harsh scrubbing or abrasive cleaning methods.

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Compact and Portable

Your CleanPod™ is battery powered making it easy to use wherever you need, without the hassle of having to plug in.

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The CleanPod™ is built with high-end waterproof surface finishing, ensuring durability while having a great tactile feeling.

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  • Step 1

    Fill CleanPod™ with water

  • Step 2

    Place your items inside

  • Step 3

    Take out and enjoy